Clever Home Cleaning Tips You’ll Love!

  • by Andrew Small
  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How many times have you felt depressed when faced with the boring task of giving your home a thorough cleaning job? Very few look forward to a clean job and most just try to avoid the task as long as possible and think up of excuses to get out of doing it until it is no longer avoidable.

The main reason why many find house cleaning a tiresome chore is because it is a time consuming activity which needs to be repeated on a regular basis. But what if you could do quick cleaning in a clever way and thus save some time to catch your favorite TV show or enjoy a hobby? There are some easy and clever cleaning tips which will help you take care of the home cleaning chores with no fuss at all!

Get to know what they are:

Remove Pet Hair The Easy Way!

Why bend over the furniture and break your back trying to get rid of the pet hair on the surface, when you can take care of the issue in just a couple of minutes? Be clever, and wear a wet, rubber glove used for regular dishwashing.

Just wipe your wet gloved hand over the furniture surface which has pet hair, and hey presto! Watch in glee as the pet hair stick to your glove leaving the furniture as pet hair free as ever.

Get More Done In Less Time

How can you get more cleaning done in a shorter span of time? By staying focused on the task at hand! Don’t just dust the furniture and then waste some time lounging on the sofa, thinking that you’ll get up  to vacuum the carpet later. This way you get distracted and lose all focus.

Set a timer and just focus all your attention on completing some important cleaning chores. You can always relax later with a snack after being done with your daily cleaning job.

Use Smart Tips for Difficult Stains

Stains are the biggest worry in the life of a home cleaner but there are certain tips you can use to get rid of all the stains easily. For a red wine spill stain on your carpet, use a little foaming shaving cream.

Declutter In A Smart Way

How many times do you rush upstairs to place the clean laundry in a smart way, place the little one’s toys in his room and move all the random stuff brought downstairs back to its original place upstairs?

Why not declutter all the surfaces in your living and laundry room for easy cleaning, by picking up all these random things and placing them in a basket kept downstairs. You can easily take the basket upstairs one time in the day, this will avoid multiple trips and de-clutter the entire place downstairs as well!

Dust Lamp Shades with a Lint Roller

If your vacuum attachment is not designed to clean lamp shades, then you can always be clever and use a lint roller for the job! An easy handling and effective cleaning tip.

By being clever with cleaning, you can avoid long tiring chores and spend a small time to show amazingly clean results for all your efforts! You can always call a professional residential cleaning company for the job like First Class Cleaning FLA to take care of all those tough stains and chores that you don’t want to do. The company offers high quality cleaning services at an affordable price for complete customer satisfaction.





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