Home Cleaning Time – Eye Opening Statistics!

  • by Andrew Small
  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Home cleaning, the job that most find hassling and quite time consuming, is important nevertheless. So important that while it might be a boring chore, it is unavoidable. There are some interesting facts that are linked to this job, which will prove to be an eye opener for you.

Cleaning Time Statistics

Want to know some interesting facts about cleaning?

  • According to a survey around 2 to 4 hours are spent by an individual to clean their houses each week.
  • Survey suggests that every 7 out of 10 people say that they have no time available to clean their properties.
  • Did you know that an average person spends around 12,896 hours cleaning in their entire lifetime. This time translates into 1.5 years or 77 weeks.

Hiding Homes through Locked Doors

Many people hide the clutter in their homes and the dust spread across their surfaces from the inquisitive eyes of their guests. Do you know how many people do that?

Research shows that around 60% of the people shut their doors so that the guests won’t be able to see all the dirt, dust and clutter in their homes.

Arguments about Cleaning

It is a fact that many arguments arise from the question about who will carry out the cleaning chores in the house. Studies show that

  • Around 31% of the couples argue about the involved housework a minimum of once per week on an average
  • Another eye opening statistic is that couples have been found to be involved in around 104 rows within a year, which arise from arguments about the mess in the house
  • An average of 20% men have shared the fact that they never clean their homes thoroughly

Alarming Statistics That Will Set You Cleaning!

Do you avoid spring cleaning like most people? These statistics will have you pick a broom and engage in thorough cleaning efforts like never before!

  • Around 10,000 dust mites live in your bed! These are causative agents of different allergies and asthma
  • One single bacterium can breed and grow into around 8 million in less than 24 hours!
  • Just 1 square meter of the carpet can accumulate around 1kg of dirt.

These alarming statistics are sure to make you rethink your strategy about house cleaning on a regular basis for sure.

Food For Thought!

  • Have you run out of antibacterial spray? Did you know that lemons are a great substitute as they are an excellent disinfectant!
  • Baking soda has certain deodorizing properties
  • Water marks on furniture surface can be cleaned up with the use of mayonnaise
  • Vinegar is considered by some to be one of the most effective natural cleaning agents
  • Chewing gum stains can be effectively removed with the use of ketchup

These natural ingredients are a good option for cleaning your house the natural way.

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