Home Cleaning Challenge – How To Zap Away All Kitchen Odors

  • by Andrew Small
  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How many times have you wiped the entire kitchen clean to find a lingering smell in the place? Even with a sparkling clean and spotless kitchen, the lingering kitchen odors completely ruin all your efforts! The question is that if you have cleaned every surface thoroughly then why is there a smell in the place, and does that mean that you didn’t do a good cleaning job? Don’t fret. There are a few easy tips which will help you take care of all those strange and sometimes horrible smells that just seem to live in your kitchen space.

Neutralize The Kitchen Smells

If you had a yummy fish meal with the family last night and the smell is still all over the kitchen, then don’t worry. Get rid of the smell of yesterday’s meal by following this easy tip. Just take 3 tablespoons of a white vinegar solution in a saucepan and add one cup of water. Place it on the stove and let it boil for some minutes.

Since vinegar is acidic in nature, and the odor is alkaline, the result is a completely neutralized kitchen space with no horrible smells to chase away the guests.

Take Care of the Trash

Have you ever wondered where that strange smell is wafting from into your kitchen? Guess what, it is actually produced from something inside your kitchen space – the trash!

The best way to avoid any such smells from living in your kitchen is to nip them in the bud, literally! Just remove the garbage from the kitchen. You can also use a paper towel to wipe away any debris from your garbage can, so that none is left behind and stinks away the cooking area.

Clean Out the Dishwasher Filter

While it is just great that you save water by washing the kitchen appliances in a dishwasher, there are some problems you have to face as well. Any food items left in the appliances can cause strange smells in the washer and the appliance itself. The best way to deal with such a problem is to clean out the filter of the dishwasher which is placed below the bottom rack, removing all food particles by using a paper towel.

After that, select a rinse only option and let the dishwasher run a cycle. Once you’re done with that, leave the door of the dishwasher open to air out all the smells.

Clean the Fridge to Avoid Smells

Remove most of the leftovers from your fridge and freezer, which have been sitting on the cold shelf for some time. Clean any spills with a sponge and then rinse, and also throw out any smelly ice cubes.

To keep your fridge clean and fresh for a long time, put some baking soda into some shallow bowls, place plastic wraps over them having punched holes and place on the fridge shelf. The fridge will be free of all weird and strange smells.

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