Tips On How To Give Your Bathroom A Fast Cleanup

  • by Andrew Small
  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Do you worry about what you’ll do if your guests ask to use the bathroom to freshen up? Is it a horror for you to try and keep the bathroom clean all the time? Are you at wits end on how to keep the most frequented space of your home clean at all times? Well, not to worry. There are a few effective ways on how you can give your bathroom a fast and effective cleanup which will leave it as sparkling clean and spotless as you desire!

Declutter With a Bag

Take a plastic bag and toss in anything and everything that is trash. This way there wouldn’t be anything lying around and you won’t have to take out time to tidy the bathroom. You can do it throughout the day during your trips to the room.

Clean the Toilet Bowl

Take some bleach and pour a cup of it down the toilet bowl. Brush away down the sides and rim of the bowl. Leave it for around five minutes. Use a part water and vinegar solution to wipe away the dirt on your toilet tank around and under the seat. Now just flush away the bleach in the bowl.

Shine Up the Countertops and Bathroom Surfaces

Take a spray bottle and fill it with equal parts of white vinegar and water. Spray out the solution into a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Use them to wipe away the toothpaste spatters and soap drips on countertops, mirrors, sink and faucets.

You can use the same cleaning solution and paper towels to wipe clean the spots on your shower doors, so that your visitors find a spotless bathroom every time.

Clean Up the Bathroom Floor

Are you troubled about the dirt, dust and hair swept in the corners of the bathroom? Are you troubled about what the guests would think about it? Are you troubled about how to clean up the mess quickly? Take a dampened towel, and use it to wipe away the corners of the room. Use the towels to collect and wipe away the hair and dust and throw it all away. Easy cleaning of the bathroom floor, isn’t it?

Shake out the floor mat of your bathroom and just fluff it up, so that it would appear to be recently vacuumed.

Towel Work

Are you worried about the pile of clean towels you will need to place in your bathroom for your unexpected guests? Do you think that placing spotless towels in the bathroom is going to take a lot of prep time?

Then find an easy way out. It is a fact that most guests just use hand towels instead of the big towels placed on the rack in the bathroom. So, instead of worrying about spotless towels just keep a couple of hand towels handy in the bathroom and remove all stress.

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