Facts about House Cleaning That Will Get You Thinking

  • by Andrew Small
  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016

House cleaning, while a regular chore is not an enviable task. Not only is it quite time consuming but also a task that many shrink away from, due to its long list of involved duties and no apparent rewards. Yet, like it or not, home cleaning is a chore that many have to do, there is no escaping the matter.

But it doesn’t all have to be all work and no play. You will be amazed to know certain interesting yet intriguing facts about house cleaning that will surely set you thinking. Here are a few!

Burn Up Those Calories While You Clean!

All you house owners out there who complain that they don’t get any chance to workout because all the time is spent completing the cleaning chores for the day can rejoice! Did you know that you can actually burn around 200 calories just within 2 hours of cleaning?

Isn’t it a great way to keep your home clean and maintain a healthy figure, both of which will be the envy of your entire friend circle.

Importance of House Cleaning

A research proves that around 87% of the time in an average person’s life is spent indoors, which is food for thought. When you spend around 80% of your time indoors then isn’t it important to keep it in perfect hygienic conditions at all times?

Dust Allergies – The Results of Ineffective House Cleaning Efforts?

According to a survey around 50 million people in the entire United States have been found to suffer from dust allergy conditions.

A house which is not cleaned regularly and properly is a dangerous place for a dust allergy patient. Children and adults are at a risk of contracting different allergies because of their sensitive conditions.

More Germs In Your Kitchen Sink!

Did you know, or could you have guessed that there are more germs in your kitchen sink than in your toilet bowl? Surprising, yet true!

All the more reason to give a thorough cleansing and scouring to your kitchen sink and protect your family from exposure to different dangerous germs.

Dust In Your House – Where Is It Coming From?

The question that has troubled many a worried house owners, trapped in the vicious cycle of sweeping dust from the house, yet it never seems to end! The reason is that, while dust enters your house from different sources, you will be surprised to know that 70% of the dust in your house is actually flakes of dead skin!

The Most Preferred Place To Clean Is….?

Did you know that the most preferred place to clean is the bathroom? Study shows that a large majority of people agree that cleaning the bathroom is an important part of cleaning and one that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

In light of these interesting and eye opening facts about cleaning, it is important to ensure thorough cleaning of your house. First Class Cleaning FLA is an experienced and expert residential cleaning company which uses state of the art equipment and a skilled team of technicians to ensure cleaning services to the complete satisfaction of their customers.






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