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  • by RJN
  • Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cleaning is one of the main household chores.  Once in a week, some part of your time is scheduled for this task.  Whether it’s thorough or partial, you aim to achieve the most in a short time, and secretly wish for a genie to appear and do your entire home cleaning.  Well, your wish has been granted!  First Class Cleaning FLA has come up with some amazing and exciting quick home cleaning tips to help you finish with your work in no time.

1. Removing Bathroom Smells

What would be a better option than removing the toilet smells in no more than 4 seconds?  Yes, lighting a match and letting it burn for a few seconds will remove the toilet smells.

2. Prevent Bathroom Mirrors from Steaming Up

When you take a bath, steam appears on the mirrors.  You think it’s unavoidable especially during the winter.  But, there’s a quick tip to stop it.

To prevent the bathroom from steaming up, rub a dry soap bar on the mirror surface.  Later, rub it off with a clean piece of cloth.  Do this every time you get in for a hot shower.

3. Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators, too, need cleaning every two weeks.  To clean it, apply soapy water at a lukewarm temperature.  Do not use disinfectants.  This will affect the smell and taste of the food in the refrigerator.

4. Time to Clean Your Trashcan

To rid the trash can of the unpleasant and foul odors, pour a cup of vinegar in it along with a handful of ice cubes.  Wait for a minute.  The ice will help to remove the stuck-on litter while vinegar will help to kill germs.

5. Hairspray Cleans Countertops!

Hairspray can be used to clean your kitchen countertops.  Spray it lightly on the top of counter and let it settle for a few seconds.  Then, wipe it off.  If you feel you should do it again, apply the hairspray one more time.

6. Quick Mini-Blinds Cleaning

Mini blinds are easy to clean up.  All you need is the right tool.  Sweeping with the help of lamb wool’s duster will help remove all the dust.

7. Cheap Clean Your Glass Windows

To clean your home’s glass windows, use newspapers that you are about to dispose off.  Cleaning with newspapers gives good results and is cheap as well.  The ink is not harmful to the glass as it does not streak, being a polishing agent.

8. Freshening Up the Air

When you’re cleaning your house, make sure to spray some freshness in to air.  For this, pour few drops of lemon inside the vacuum bag whenever you change it.  As you vacuum through the house, the fresh lime smell will spread throughout.

These tips are helpful.  However, following these tips does not eliminate the need to call professional residential cleaners for proper and deep house cleaning once every two years, or twice in two years depending on the condition of your home.

First Class Cleaning FLA provides extraordinary cleaning services to help you gain the old ‘new’ look of your home.  To contact First Class Cleaning FLA, call (954) 968-9728 or book a cleaning online in less than 60 seconds at www.firstclasscleaningFLA.com.

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