House Cleaning – A Look At Some Interesting Numbers!

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  • Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When it comes to house cleaning, most people just try to avoid these chores as long as possible.  They don’t want to spend time scrubbing the floors and sweeping the dust from under the furniture.  While regular cleaning helps keep the house clean, your property needs a thorough cleaning job at least once a year.  Some people barely get through the small essential daily cleaning chores, and the task of giving the house a once over is quite a daunting task for them.  That is why they employ the services of a professional residential cleaning company for the job.

While house cleaning may be a boring task for many, there are still some interesting numbers attached to the activity.  Want to know what?  Here are some facts which will set you thinking…

Women Dedicate 2.6 Hours On Average To Cleaning Daily!

While men have been estimated to spend an average time of just 2 hours daily engaged in cleaning activities, women take the lead with 2.6 hours to their credit!

Studies further suggest that around 51% of the women spend time in doing housework on a daily basis, while just 20% of the men do house cleaning daily.

A man spends an estimate of 6,448 hours cleaning, while women have been estimated to spend around 12,896 hours, throughout their lifetime!

Cleaning Arguments

Did you know that around 47% of the cohabiting couples have been noted to argue about cleaning?  This includes issues like who will clean and how many times.  In short, house cleaning is responsible for the issues between couples.

Maybe that is why many employ professionals for the residential cleaning of their property.

Some Interesting Cleaning Facts

There are some more interesting cleaning facts to share.  Did you know that…

Did you know that around 54% of the Americans are noted for preferring to clean their homes on a weekly or daily basis?  Interesting right?

Around 87% of the women feel that a spick and span, sparkling clean home is actually a reflection of who they are!  By taking cleaning as a personal self reflection project, women do put in effort into house cleaning.

A study reveals that around 87% of the women really care about and want their homes to appear clean for the benefit of any visitors that pay them a visit at any time.  Thus, their interest and efforts in cleaning the house is magnified as a result.

Professional Cleaning Services

Maid and cleaning services have gradually become popular.  According to a study, California has the highest number of cleaning maids, while Florida and Texas have the 2nd and 3rd position.

 All around the world, Asia and the Pacific have a total of 21.4 million workers employed in the professional cleaning industry, with Latin America and the Caribbean bringing up the lead with a number of 19.6 million!

The best way to get a thorough house cleaning done is to hire experienced professionals for the job who have the technical skill and equipment to give you a sparkling clean home every time!  First Class Cleaning FLA is the ideal company for the job!  To book a cleaning, call (954) 968-9728 or visit us online at

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